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Hello All! And welcome back 🙂

So it has been quite a while since i last posted anything on my blog, but i suppose this is because I’ve been so busy lately designing, creating, and making!
I wanted to share some new ideas and designs I have been working on, concerning beading.

I have recently become more familiar with “peyote” which was traditional Native American beading used in ceremonies, mainly religious ceremonies. Typically variations in seed beads, size wise, would be woven together to create beautiful patterns.
I have been working off of some variations of peyote bead weaving, creating some designs which I have incorporated into the creation of earrings, and soon I will be incorporating into the creation of rings, bracelets, and possibly necklaces!

What I prefer to do is bead with .925 sterling silver wire instead of thread. Most of the books i have on bead weaving recommend Fireline (a name-brand beading thread) and bead heaven, which is a waxy substance that strengthens and stiffens the thread, making it easier to bead with. Bees wax is even more popular i think, however. In any event, i prefer to use Softflex beading wire, in the .925 sterling silver, which adds a level of sophistication i feel, and a level of authenticity and class to the piece.

If you work with .014 diameter .925 sterling, this is the best. If you want to go smaller in diameter yet, you can try .010, but the sterling silver beading wire only goes as far down as .014 in diameter.

Beading with wire is nice, because it does not “snap” like thread has the possibility of doing. It also is inherently stiuff, and so you do not need any sort of wax to stiffen it as you do with thread. You don’t even need a beading needle!

Plus, if you use the .925 sterling silver wire, you will have a high quality piece of jewelry when you are finished, which will last for years and years to come, and if it gets wet is no big deal! Over time, thread can rot and disintegrate, and other metals can rust, but sterling will last just fine!

Below are some of my peyote variations for your viewing pleasure. And don’t forget to check out more of these designs coming soon to Conceptions—Designs by Abby Marie

located here at my online store! www.abigale10837.etsy.com

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