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Welcome back everyone!

Lately I have been so caught up in my life with work, etc., that I have been forgetting to take some time for me, and pursue another one of my passions…jewelry making and design!

An architect by day, jewelry making is a far different animal, and one that I relate to in a very different way!

I love making jewelry that is fun, but that is also very complicated, either by color combination, geometric form, or just the sheer time intensity it takes to design one of my pieces. I’m always looking at ways to add to the pieces, and to make them better…continuing the story!

This pair, is another one of my trials with a peyote variant.I focused on a beautiful shade of green and blue, something fun and fresh for the summer, but also somewhat complicated and twisting and turning, something that catches the light, is luminescent, and will surely catch attention from viewers as well!

This pair, quite long, measures 2 3/4″ in length, but are still light, and will pair with many outfits and attire.

There is an heir of elegance that comes along with wearing this pair, and a vintage twist to a contemporary piece, which is all my own.

Again, this pair is woven with Softflex .925 sterling silver beading wire, and mixes a combinations of sterling silver, Swarovski Crystal, and seed beads, along with semiprecious stone beads to create a truly stunning and unique pair of extra long dangles!

I’ll be sure to post some other designs soon, and share some helpful insights I have come across while designing and making some of my jewelry!

Thanks for taking a look, and I’d appreciate your feedback!