OK, so here I’ve posted the final wrap scarf for you all to check out!

I added three organic buttons, made out of coconut, so that the wearer
has the opportunity to wear the scarf in a variety of ways.

These buttons close off the opening, and the fringe gets pulled through
the loop that is made. The loop, when folded in half is 10″ on either side
and the fringes (cut to uneven lengths to give a more organic feel) hang

approximately 21″ on either side—so they are quite long, and are knotted
individually to keep the yarn from unraveling at the ends.

I’ve even made a little rose that is tied onto the scarf so that the wearer
can decide if they want to wear this adornment with the scarf or not!

The end result is fun and chic!

Thanks for checking out my latest post, and I hope you have a lovely evening!

wrap scarf, knitting, fringe, design

The finished wrap scarf with added fringes!

long fringes, knitting, design, scarf, wrap scarf

The long fringes of the finished wrap scarf

ends, scarf, wrap scarf, fringe

The knotted ends of the fringe

button closure, loop, scarf, wrap

Button closure to create loop in scarf

Organic coconut carved buttons

loop, scarf, wrap scarf

Creating the wrap scarf loop!