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This bag is a while in the making, and looks nothing like what I had originally envisioned!

Originally this bag was to be a sack with one long handle, but turned out to be quite shapely, horizontal, and much shorter.

I accidentally cast on too many stitches and ran out of yarn, couldn’t find anymore of the yarn I was working with, naturally, and was forced to change the design….which couldn’t have been a better happy accident. Woo for process!

In the end, I created this piece to be a shorter horizontal pouch style bag, with shaped bottom edges, and twisted handles. The entire piece has been felted, and I made a lining which I later hand stitched into the purse.

On the exterior of the bag, I made crocheted flowers, one of which I hand stitched to the front top of the bag, and added a shimmering button to for a center, and the other two create an adornment which is attached using pieces of suede cording. You can hang your keys on this, or just let it hang there for pretty, or not use it on the bag at all, since it is easily removed, if desired.

As a finishing touch, I added a hand stitched button hole stitch around the top and bottom edges.