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So I decided to finally go for it, and get an iPad; and so I chose the iPad mini.
I love the small body and functionality of this device, and it allows me to take
My blog, and Etsy shop on the go!

What I can’t stand, is how expensive all of the iPad cases are! You have to be kidding me, I’m not spending $50 to $80 on a case!

So I decided I’d make my own! I knitted the case, folded it, and seamed it, then cast on more stitches to knit and shape the cover flap. I added a button hole and felted it, which created a thick fabric, which will actually help to absorb shock!

Then I created a handmade sewn liner and added a buttonhole trim around the top and the actual buttonhole, as a finishing touch.

I found the button on clearance, and decided it was perfect for this funky, and colorful, pouch!